Farmer's Market Summer Series 2018

Join us every other Saturday at the Bentonville Square for a fun, all levels yoga class. Class starts at 8:30 am and is free to everyone. Each session will be led by a local teacher so you can try out new yoga styles or revisit old favorites.

Take a look at the schedule and then get to know your teacher in the bio section below!

May 12 - Maggie and Morgan
May 26 - Savannah McCrary
June 9 - Morgan Brown
June 23 - Maggie Good
July 7 - Brittany Wallace
July 21 - Morgan Brown
August 4 - Morgan Brown
August 18 - Jessica and Jo
September 1 - Brittany Wallace
September 15 - Morgan Brown
September 29 - Jessica and Caschelle


Yoga has been a wonderful part of Morgan Brown's life for almost 8 years. She says, "it allows me to create a space for mindfulness and relaxation while connecting to movements within the body. Growing up in south-west Arkansas, yoga was not a big part of my life until college. I found it while searching for an exercise that could help with my anxiety and joint pain. Once I tried yoga, I quickly realized I had to share this experience with others. I completed my 200 -hr yoga training at Yoga Deza in Spring 2016." Her favorite styles of classes to teach are Vinyasa and Yin yoga. She enjoys learning each of her students' individual needs to better suit their yoga practice, "Combining creative sequencing with a bit of playfulness, my students grow stronger, more flexible, and relaxed both on and off the mat." 
Find her on instagram: @cultivating_abundance_


Brittany Wallace was hesitant to try yoga at first. She heard over and over "you’ll love the savasana part at the end" but didn’t understand what yoga was. She says she went to herfirst yoga class and soon after, the tension in her jaw and in lower back didn’t bother me as much. She  continued to take classes and began to enjoy the practice of focusing on breath and moving without thought. Today, Brittany is a Vinyasa 200-hr certified teacher and working her 300-hr certification. She says, "I focus on the breath and then incorporate the mind work with the physical movement. It is our breath that lets our mind and body create our flow state. I understand we have challenges throughout our practice of yoga and that is what creates our story. I now appreciate and have the knowledge behind what yoga is and why I was told I would love Savasana."
Find her on instagram: @bona.fidebrittany


Maggie Good loves to create an atmosphere that lowers the barrier to self-love. Through a fun and funky flow or a guided meditation, she's stoked to empower people to overcome their fear and simply realize they have everything they need to succeed. Find her on instagram: @maggietheyogi

Jessica and Caschelle

Jessica and Caschelle will blend their unique styles of healing into an experience that will highlight their fun personalities and expertise in each of their fields.

Caschelle Smith, owner of Lifeco custom essential oils, is RYT 200 hour in Power! You can expect to experience a warm (if appropriate), alignment based class that will open you up and challenge you to your edge if you please, moving with one breath -one movement, and hands on adjustments. Caschelle’s classes are intentional and meditative evening offering the use of her purposefully selected essential oil blends and reiki with permission!
Find her on instagram: @lifecoguru

Jessica Fowler completed her Masters of Nursing Science at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2014 following a 10 year career as a Registered Nurse. It was at this point as a psychiatric nurse practitioner that Jessica discovered yoga when it was suggested as an option for patients looking to heal from mental illness. Dedicated to offering her patients every means of healing possible, Jessica became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She further advanced her yoga and mental wellness integrated knowledge with a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy certification. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice with a focus on mental health advocacy and yoga as a treatment option. With this background and  knowledge, Jessica brings a unique , compassionate, individualized, client-centered approach to every class and session. Through her advanced education and experience in psychiatric care, Jessica recognizes that there is not a one size fits all or quick fix for conditions that bring us out of a state of wellness. 
Find her on instagram: @vitality_yoga_nwa


Savannah McCrary first fell into a yoga class due to fitness, and the effects of her first class left her feeling more calm then she had felt since being a child. She says, "my childhood was wild, in all the best ways, and all the not so best ways. When I found yoga, it changed my life. When I rolled out my mat, and gave myself just an hour of my time, to sit, be still, and build a relationship with my breath that I didn't know was possible; it was a feeling I couldn't get elsewhere. I was completely enraptured with how clear headed and calm I felt afterwards and how it started to affect all areas of my life; how I addressed relationships, health, creative stagnicity, and even how I brushed my teeth, all shifted! It was a part of my life that I felt had just been waiting for me to arrive. I want to help a world of chaotic stress and pressure find their own stillness, and help guide them towards unshedding darkness and letting their own divine light shine through while receiving all of the other juicy effects practicing yoga provides!"
Find her on instagram: @wildwildyogichild

Jessica and Jo

Jessica and Jo co-teach with a passion for combining a western school of thought with the yoga and Ayurveda school. Their classes help students learn to heal using the tools they carry with them at all times; themselves.

Jo Johnson graduated as a RYT from the Powered by Heart training at Yogaterrium in January 2018. As a registered nurse for 14 years, she has worked in many fields (including ER, OB/GYN, + Hospice). She recognizes the incredible health benefits yoga provides such as improved physical fitness and stress reduction. Her goal is to keep learning more about yoga and Ayurveda in order to share it with the community. She's working toward offering these services as a compliment to Western medicine to provide holistic health options. 

Jessica Fowler, a Registered Nurse of 10 years, holds a Masters of Nursing Science and is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice with a focus on mental health advocacy and yoga as a treatment option. She became a 200 hour RYT and further advanced her yoga and mental wellness integrated knowledge with a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy certification. She brings a unique , compassionate, individualized, client-centered approach to every class and session. 
Find her on instagram: @vitality_yoga_nwa