agapé yoga began when two women in Northwest Arkansas realized there were a lot of yoga studios and gyms in the area that catered to a limited audience in the fitness sector. Which makes sense. But both women had come to yoga, meditation and fitness for reasons other than to get a nice summer body. Different motivations for different kinds of people.

What they kept hearing from their students and clients was a desire to get something more than just a workout from yoga.

They wanted to benefit from weaving it into their lives.

What they kept hearing from the community was an interest in yoga.

They wanted to try it without a fear of being the person that was "different" in class.

What they said back to their students, clients and community was this: yoga is about loving yourself. Yoga is a tool that can be used to build a strong foundation of love for self and love for others. Yoga is a tool that can be used to build the highest form of love: agapé.

Meet the team behind agapé yoga, the idea that there is a yoga for everyone out there and the passion to bring that awareness and availability of yoga to their community. 


Meet the Team


Morgan Brown - Yoga Teacher

When is your favorite time to practice? My mornings are my yoga time! I love to wake up and take 10 minutes to wake and connect to my body! A nice flow gets my heart pumping! Followed by a big glass of water.

What's your favorite pose? Always savasana. Not because it's a still pose, but because of the difficulty I experience with it! It takes me a good amount of focus and effort to allow my body and mind to fully release of stress and self-judgment. The end of my practice will always be the most important part for me.

Why agapé? Agapé means unconditional love. To me, that is what we need now more than ever in our world! We want to bring love and knowledge to everyone, regardless of race or religion. We want to spread the love!

Maggie Good - Yoga Teacher

When did you start to practice yoga?  In 2015 I decided I wanted to take a solo-trip for my birthday. Just to meet new people + explore on my own. So, I signed up for a yoga retreat in Baja California, Mexico, flew to San Diego to meet up with the other yogis and then crossed the border with about 9 people I had just met. It was an incredibly defining weekend and I fell in love with the practice immediately.

What's your favorite asana to practice?  Wheel. Definitely. I love that it is a pose where you need to practice both strength and flexibility. 

Why agapé?  Agapé is a form of love and love is something we all need. Love for others and for ourselves. We are determined to create an atmosphere and community where those who are present can cultivate and grow love for themselves and feel empowered to share that love with others in their life. Let's change the world, people!